Summer schools

INTEC organizes summer schools according to a 2- or 3-day format, coordinated by one of the network partners. They are designed to provide participants with domain-specific background to accelerate their research and with training in a variety of transferable skills to increase the impact of their research and to progress personal effectiveness and career development. They are als an ideal way for sharing best practices, both in research and education. The summer schools are complementary to doctoral schools and our webinars as they offer the opportunity to develop specific skills more in-depth. 

This year, the topic of the  Summer school is “Proteomics of calcifying tissues”. During this Summer school we will explore the techniques, the instrumentation and the application of the study of proteomes to better understand the process of pathologic calcifications. Metabolomics and lipidomics will be also addressed and included in the program. Furthermore, one session will be entirely dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of data. The course is dedicated to those who are interested in approaching these techniques or to those who have already some experiences and are looking for further information in the context of ectopic calcification.

These courses are open to PhD students and early postdoctoral fellows.  The teaching language is English, in which all participants must be fluent. Timely registration is mandatory as available places are limited (max. 10 participants!).