International Network on Ectopic Calcification

INTEC aims to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and unite international institutions' expertise around ectopic calcification.


The INTEC Kick-off meeting in Ghent early October turned out to be a radiant start for our network!                              (Re)discover here the abstracts, talks and the complete photo gallery of the scientific symposium on ectopic calcification in disease and (healthy) aging. 

6th EUROD Winter Meeting

The EUROD research forum aims to gather basic and clinical researchers in CKD-MBD and focuses on scientific progress in renal bone disease. Several sessions also address ectopic calcification in the vasculature in CKD.

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INTEC is an open network that welcomes all stakeholders relevant for ectopic calcification in aging and disease. Do you feel that you can contribute to INTEC's aims and goals and that INTEC can help to connect with the ectopic calcification community? Then don't hesitate to contact us and to discuss you joining our network!

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